Things To Keep In Mind When Filing For Divorce In California

A person who’s undergoing a divorce in California, or anywhere else, will need to keep several things in mind while they go through the process. It is not a time to act out of raw emotion, and taking on a law firm like Rupprecht Law can help a person to see clearly and rationally. Rupprecht has years of experience guiding people who are going through a divorce. They’re always focused on getting the best outcome for their client and their client’s children.

Among the things a divorcing person needs to keep in mind are to heed the strictures of the restraining order. When a divorce in California is filed, restraining orders automatically go into effect. One of them is that a spouse will need to get the other’s permission and the permission of the court to take their minor children out of state. The spouse should make sure that they obtain this permission, even if he or she finds it onerous. A person can be charged with kidnapping their own children.

The spouses should also not attempt to hide their assets so the other spouse can’t claim a share in them. Hidden assets are likely to be uncovered one of these days, and whoever attempts it will have to answer to the court. A corollary to this is for the spouses to be as honest as possible, both to their lawyers and to the court. Lies can be hard to keep straight.

The spouses must be careful to be civil to one another. Though it’s tempting not to be, this is especially important if the couple has children. Engaging in any sort of nastiness, whether through social media or even physical assault, will only damage the children. Again, Rupprecht Law firms are there to provide a calm perspective for their client. Neither they, nor any other reputable lawyer, are there for the purpose of destroying the other spouse, either financially, socially or psychologically.

Any client seeking a divorce in California should contact Rupprecht Law.

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