Need Divorce Litigation? Rupprecht Law Can Help

When mediation efforts fail and are no longer an option, deciding divorce parameters often requires going through the litigation process. Litigation, commonly referred to as a contested divorce, means that the matter will be resolved in court. Because these types of proceedings entail exhaustive preparation, it’s important to have an experienced San Ramon divorce litigation attorney on your side.

The legal firm of Rupprecht Law has the skill to litigate your case in a compelling and confident manner. For most parties going through a divorce, litigation is usually a last resort. However, when spouses fundamentally disagree on most issues that can’t be resolved otherwise, the path of litigation can deliver a satisfactory resolution for both sides. It is often necessary when a spouse needs an immediate visitation, custody or support determination. Sometimes, simply the threat of litigation provides an impetus for one party to concede points of contention in order for a settlement to be negotiated.

Typically, the litigation process will proceed through a number of basic steps. It begins with a petition for divorce which is then served. Temporary orders are usually filed to establish rules of contact for each party throughout the process. The act of discovery involves documenting facts such as financial and bank records, tax returns and other financial instruments related to each party. Mediation is sometimes initiated and discussed prior to any court process taking place. Depositions are then taken as each side prepares for trial.

A San Ramon divorce litigation attorney handles all aspects of a contested divorce proceeding. This includes presenting evidence and fighting for your rights on key issues such as child and spousal support, separation of debts and property, visitation agreement and other important points. Having experienced and strong legal representation working hard for you can make the difference between a successful divorce outcome or not.

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